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"oven" in Spanish

EN oven

1. general

oven (also: furnace, kiln)
I left the roast in the oven and it burned to a cinder
dejé el asado en el horno y se me carbonizó
who'd be stupid enough to put a plastic plate in the oven?
¡en qué cabeza cabe meter un plato de plástico en el horno!
he tied string around the meat before putting it in the oven
ató la carne antes de meterla en el horno

2. figurative

Context sentences for "oven" in Spanish

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EnglishPour into moulds and bake in the oven at 180°.
Poner en los moldes y hornear a 180° hasta su cocción.
Englishshe's got a bun in the oven
Englishoven-fresh rolls
Englishfresh from the oven