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EN party animal

1. colloquial

party animal
es muy parrandero
party animal (also: roisterer, reveler, reveller)
party animal (also: clubber)
party animal (also: clubber)
party animal (also: carter, clubber, wagoner, wheelwright)
es muy carretero
party animal (also: bypass, clubber, high road, highway)
party animal (also: clubber)
bakaladero {m} [Spa.] [coll.]

2. American English, colloquial

party animal (also: raver)
bonchón {m} [Ven.] [coll.]

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EnglishI speak in my capacity as President of the European Parliament's All Party Group for Animal Welfare.
Hablo en calidad de presidente del Intergrupo del Parlamento Europeo para la protección de animales.