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to pimp for {vb}

EN to pimp for

to pimp for
to pimp for
chulear {v.t.} [Spa.] [coll.] (prostituta)
to pimp for
padrotear {v.t.} [Mex.] [coll.]

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EnglishThe pimp puts constant pressure on her to encourage her to work.
El proxeneta ejerce sobre ella una presión constante para incitarla a trabajar.
EnglishIn circumstances in which prostitution is legal, the pimp defends the girl, puts her in touch with brothel-keepers and forces her to submit to the demands of the environment to which he belongs.
En circunstancias en que la prostitución es legal, el proxeneta la defiende, la pone en contacto con los gerentes de locales y la fuerza a plegarse a las demandas del medio al que pertenece.