EN plastered

1. colloquial

colocata {m} [Spa.] [slg.] (borracho)

Context sentences for "plastered" in Spanish

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Englishthe whole area is plastered with political posters
el barrio está apestado de propaganda política
EnglishWe have heard that the symbols would be removed from the treaty - yet this whole Parliament is plastered in flags.
Hemos oído que los símbolos serán retirados del Tratado y, sin embargo, este Parlamento está repleto de banderas.
Englishthe streets were plastered with progaganda
las calles estaban empapeladas de propaganda
Englishan old woman plastered in makeup
Englishhe got completely plastered
Englishhe was really plastered
Englishshe plastered herself with make-up
Englishhe's completely plastered
Englishhe's completely plastered
Englishwe really plastered them
Englishhe was plastered when he arrived
Englishhe got completely plastered
Englishhe's plastered!
EnglishI'm plastered
Englishshe got plastered
Englishto get plastered
EnglishI got plastered
Englishto get plastered
Englishto get plastered
Englishhe got plastered