EN posh

pítuco {m} [Peru] [coll.]

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Englishwhere are you going dressed up in that posh gear?
Englishwhere posh people spend their summer holidays
Englishhe lives in a very posh area
Englishthey live in a posh area
EnglishListening to your speech, I have the feeling that I have been invited not to a Parliamentary sitting, but to a rather posh get-together.
Ahora bien, al oír su discurso, tengo la impresión de haber asistido no a una sesión del Parlamento sino a un coloquio exquisito y distinguido.
EnglishAfter all I would not drive to some posh body repair shop to have my car deregistered, I would go to my local dealer who lives in my village and has been looking after my car for years.
Yo no voy a un representante de automóviles de lujo para dar de baja a mi coche sino que voy a mi vendedor, que vive en mi pueblo y que desde hace años hace para mí tales cosas.