EN to quench
[quenched|quenched] {verb}

1. general

to quench
to quench (also: to take the edge off, to appease)
calmar [calmando|calmado] {v.t.} (aliviar)
to quench
matar [matando|matado] {v.t.} [coll.] (sed)
to quench

2. construction

Context sentences for "to quench" in Spanish

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EnglishAsk yourself: Where can I quench that thirst for fullness that is tormenting me?
Pregúntate: ¿Dónde sacio esa sed de plenitud que me atormenta?
EnglishHe sought to quench it as a gentleman and wasn’t able to either.
Buscó saciarla como caballero y no lo logró.
EnglishPolitical systems can subjugate wills and extinguish individuality but they can never quench the desire to be free.
Los sistemas políticos pueden subyugar las voluntades y destruir la individualidad, pero nunca lograrán aplastar el deseo de ser libres.