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EN ructions

1. colloquial

ructions (also: palaver, rumpus, ruckus, kerfuffle)
jaleo {m} [coll.]
se va a armar un jaleo
no armes jaleo

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Englishthere'll be ructions
EnglishIt is mainly interested in assimilating young people, in pushing them in directions which cause no ructions in the system but which leave young people with no way out.
Se interesa principalmente en incorporar a la juventud, en llevarla por direcciones anodinas para el sistema, pero que no ofrecen salida a los jóvenes.
EnglishThe game of speculation has no limits, it has no borders and the lack of a European legislative framework causes major ructions in the European Union and every country.
El juego de la especulación no tiene límites ni fronteras, y la inexistencia de un marco legislativo europeo provoca grandes trastornos en la Unión Europea y en todos los países.