EN rumble

1. "sound"

rumble (also: thud, thunk, rumbling)

2. "of thunder"

rumble (also: blare, clangour, din, racket)

3. "of stomach"


4. "fight", American English, slang

rumble (also: blow-up, blowup, brawl, fight)

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Context sentences for "rumble" in Spanish

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EnglishWe cannot let this situation rumble on, as it would then illustrate Europe's lack of power.
No podemos dejar que la situación se deteriore, lo que ilustraría la impotencia de Europa.
EnglishListen to a Rumble scoreListen to a Fanfare score
Escuchar una partitura RumbleEscuchar una partitura Fanfare
EnglishSaitek P3600 Cyborg Rumble Pad Game Controller
Englisha rumble of disapproval
EnglishOne only has to mention, somewhere in a sentence, the need to respect subsidiarity, and the machine can rumble on its way as if nothing had happened.
Basta con mencionar de pasada el necesario respeto a la subsidiariedad, para que la máquina siga funcionando como si nada.