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EN rumbling

1. general

rumbling (also: blare, clangour, din, racket)

2. "sound"

rumbling (also: thud, thunk, rumble)

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EnglishHowever, the fundamental problem is surely that there is too much freight rumbling through the Alps by road in heavy goods vehicles.
Pero el problema fundamental es el tráfico masivo que hay en las carreteras y la cantidad de transporte pesado que circula por los Alpes.
Englishmy stomach's rumbling
Englishmy tummy's rumbling
Englishmy stomach's rumbling
EnglishBut they revolted against the commandment of their Lord, so the rumbling (thunderbolt or stunning noise of an earthquake) overtook them while they looked.
pues se habían rebelado contra el mandamiento de su Sustentador –y les sorprendió el rayo del castigo mientras miraban [impotentes]: