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EN schoolmasterly

1. "demeanor, manner"

schoolmasterly (also: dour, unsmiling, unneighborly, forbidding)
adusto {adj.}
schoolmasterly (also: austere, forbidding, heavy, sharp)
severo {adj.}

Context sentences for "schoolmasterly" in Spanish

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EnglishThis means proceeding with great sensitivity and not taking a schoolmasterly line or apportioning blame to one side alone.
Esto implica que procedamos de forma sensible, sin actitudes magistrales y sin acusaciones unilaterales.
EnglishSo let me say that we must indeed talk about the state of democracy in Russia, but we cannot talk down to that country in a lofty and schoolmasterly way.
Por ello, permítanme indicar que debemos hablar sobre el estado de la democracia en Rusia, pero no podemos hablar a ese país con altivez y paternalismo.