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EnglishAs for the sacrosanct markets, they are now setting the tone.
Y en cuanto a los sacrosantos mercados, ahora son los que marcan la pauta.
EnglishTietmeyer thinking has not been setting the tone in Europe.
El pensamiento de Tietmeyer no ha marcado el tono.
English(DE) Madam President, Commissioner, first of all, it gives me great satisfaction to note that the women are setting the tone for this debate.
(DE) Señora Presidenta, señora Comisaria, antes que nada, es para mí una gran satisfacción que las mujeres estemos protagonizando este debate.
EnglishThirdly, - and this is an aspect which my group, headed by Gary Titley, has repeatedly introduced into the debate - there is the question of setting the tone, and doing so without delay.
En tercer lugar -y esto lo ha presentado siempre a debate mi grupo político bajo la dirección de Gary Titley- hay que mandar señales con rapidez.

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