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EnglishThere is a change in attitude on the part of these seventeen year-olds.
Algo cambia en la actitud de esos adolescentes.
EnglishKelsang Namtso, a seventeen-year-old nun, was killed; many people were wounded, and thirty arrested, among them women and nine children.
Murió Kelsang Namtso, una monja de diecisiete años, y muchas otras personas resultaron heridas; treinta, detenidas, entre las cuales había mujeres y nueve niños.
EnglishAlice Hooper, painted by Copley around 1763, depicts the seventeen-year-old daughter of the wealthiest man in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Robert “King” Hooper.
Alice Hooper, pintada por Copley alrededor de 1763, representa a la hija de diecisiete años de edad del hombre más rico de Marblehead, Massachusetts, Robert "King" Hooper.
EnglishOn quite a few occasions, I have seen sceptical seventeen year-olds put the headphones on and be fascinated by the fact that it is in actual fact possible to conduct a debate in different languages.
En reiteradas oportunidades he visto a adolescentes escépticos que se fascinan al escuchar en los auriculares que es posible debatir en diferentes lenguas.

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