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to sew [sewed|sewn] {verb}

coser con hilo sencillo
coser con hilo doble
sabe coser mejor que yo
to sew
costurear {v.i.} [Chile] [coll.]

Context sentences for "to sew" in Spanish

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EnglishI really don't have time to sew it for you
no tengo tiempo material para cosértelo
Englishwe'll have to sew an extra bit of material on
habrá que añadirle un pedazo de tela
Englishhe can't even sew a button on
Englishwill you sew this button on for me?
Englishhe can't even sew a button on
Englishuse the machine to sew it
EnglishNot many people are aware that Lithuanian textile manufacturers sew uniforms for various military and police forces throughout Europe, including NATO.
Mucha gente no sabe que las empresas textiles lituanas fabrican los uniformes de varios cuerpos policiales y militares de toda Europa, incluso de la OTAN.
EnglishAnd when the twain had tasted of the Tree, their shame was manifested unto them, and they began to sew upon themselves the leaves of the Garden (to hide their shame, nakedness.
Pero tan pronto como hubieron probado ambos [el fruto] del árbol, se volvieron conscientes de su desnudez; y comenzaron a cubrirse con hojas del jardín.