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Englishdiesel generator/shaft generators automatic panel
panel automático para generadores diesel/generador de cola
EnglishTo assess the effects of various forms of treatment for isolated fractures of the ulnar shaft in adults.
Evaluar los efectos de las diversas formas de tratamiento para las fracturas aisladas diafisarias de cúbito en adultos.
Englishexhaust fan for shaft generator panel compartment
extractor del compartimiento del gerador de cola
Englisha shaft of light came in through the window
un chorro de luz entraba por la ventana
Englishhe succeeded in detaching it from the shaft
Englishshaft drive generator plant
Englishshaft conical shell gauge
Englishshaft drive generator control
EnglishRandomised or quasi-randomised trials of conservative and surgical treatment of isolated fractures of the ulnar shaft in adults.
Ensayos aleatorios o cuasialeatorios del tratamiento conservador y quirúrgico de las fracturas aisladas diafisarias de cúbito en adultos.
Englishthrust shaft collars
EnglishIsolated fractures of the shaft of the ulna, without other fractures, often result when the forearm is raised to fend off a blow.
Las fracturas aisladas diafisarias de cúbito, sin otras fracturas concomitantes, a menudo ocurren cuando el antebrazo se levanta para contener un golpe.
Englishhead pulley shaft
Englishtransmission shaft
Englishventilation shaft
Englishhe got the shaft
Englishlift shaft

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