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"shakedown" in Spanish

EN shakedown

1. general


2. "extortion"

shakedown (also: scam, swindle, confidence game, con trick)
timo {m} [coll.]
shakedown (also: fraud, swindle, swindler, rip-off)

3. "trials"

shakedown (also: test)

4. "action"

shakedown (also: judder, toss, lurch, to jolt)

5. American English, slang

shakedown (also: extortion)

6. "bed", British English

shakedown (also: old bed, pallet)
shakedown (also: cot, rollaway, small bed)

Context sentences for "shakedown" in Spanish

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Englishlet's give this place one hell of a shakedown
EnglishThis structural shakedown in order to create internationally competitive companies is certainly to be welcomed.
Debemos acoger, ciertamente, con satisfacción esta depuración de las estructuras a fin de crear empresas competitivas a escala internacional.
Englishthat's a shakedown!