EN snappy

1. general

snappy (also: chic, classy, dinky, dressy)
elegante {adj. m/f}
snappy (also: concise, terse)
conciso {adj. m}
snappy (also: concise, terse)
concisa {adj. f}
snappy (also: curt, sharp)
cortante {adj. m/f}
snappy (also: fractious, irritable, peevish, testy)
irritable {adj. m/f}

2. "dog"

snappy (also: snappish)

3. "person"

4. "retort"

snappy (also: abrasive, abrupt, brusque, unexpected)
brusco {adj.}

5. "brisk, lively", colloquial

snappy (also: cheerful, convivial, festive, glad)
alegre {adj.}
ágil {adj.}
brioso {adj.}
snappy (also: animated, cheerful, joyful, lively)
snappy (also: brisk, ebullient, peppy, sprightly)
vivaz {adj.}

6. "concise, punchy", colloquial

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Englishput your uniform on and make it snappy!
Englisha snappy slogan
EnglishScans and updates are scheduled to run when the PC is idle and the software works in a way that your PC is still snappy when you’re using it.
Los exámenes y las actualizaciones se programan para ejecutarse cuando el PC está inactivo y el software trabaja de tal modo que tu PC pueda seguir funcionando con rapidez.
EnglishI have to confess that it is not very snappy, but it is more interesting than it seems because it does appear to respond to a very deep-seated feeling shared by many of the citizens of our countries.
Debo confesar que quizás no sea nada del otro mundo, pero es más interesante de lo que parece, porque creo que responde a un sentimiento muy profundo de muchos ciudadanos de nuestros países.