EN snip

1. general

These proposals have not come about from one line to the next, in a mechanical fashion, snipping indiscriminately here and there.
Estas propuestas no han ocurrido de un momento a otro, de forma mecánica, haciendo recortes indiscriminados aquí y allá.

2. "piece"

snip (also: bit, loaf, chunk, gobbet)

3. "sound"

snip (also: cutting, snipping)

4. "act"

snip (also: cut, hack, haircut, severance)

5. "bargain", British English, colloquial

snip (also: cinch, steal, gravy)
ganga {f} [coll.]
snip (also: gravy)
chollo {m} [Spa.] [coll.]
snip (also: steal, bargain)
pichincha {f} [SAm.] [coll.]

6. "young woman", American English, colloquial

snip (also: chit)
mocosa {f} [coll.]

7. "insignificant person", American English, colloquial

snip (also: halfwit, twirp, twerp, nincompoop)
papanatas {m} [coll.]
snip (also: nerd, dickhead, twirp, twerp)
snip (also: berk, nerd, dickhead, twirp)

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Englishto snip the end off it