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so noun
so adverb
so conjunction
what adjective
what pronoun
what? interjection
else adverb

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Englishhe's had a fight with his wife — so what else is new?
se ha peleado con su mujer — ¡qué novedad!
EnglishSo what else can we do?
EnglishSo what else can we do?
EnglishSo what else has happened?
EnglishIf so, what else does it say, who has signed it and what explanation does it give for the failure (foreseen by the Greek authorities themselves) to achieve the target they had set?
¿Qué otra información contiene, quién lo firma y cómo se explica en el mismo que no se alcance, tal como prevén las propias autoridades griegas, el objetivo establecido?

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