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Englishyou're not very thoughtful, you might have taken her some flowers
¡qué poco detallista eres! le podías haber llevado unas flores
Englishyou just send her some flowers and … problem solved!
le mandas unas flores y asunto liquidado
EnglishYou look very handsome, and, furthermore, somebody must have put some flowers in republican colours just there to your left.
Estás guapísimo y, además, con unas flores de colores republicanos que alguien ha debido de poner ahí, a tu izquierda.
Englishsome flowers would brighten up the room
unas flores alegrarían la habitación
Englishshe stuck some flowers in her hair
se plantificó unas flores en la cabeza
Englishat least send them some flowers
Englishif you see any flowers, buy some
EnglishI'll take them some flowers
EnglishI took her some flowers

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