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some man {pronoun}

1. colloquial
some man (also: some woman, this man, this woman)
uno {pron.} [coll.] (alguien)

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man noun
man interjection
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EnglishI'm going to touch my old man for some money
EnglishPresident, it is now certain that some of man's activities pose a grave threat both to the environment and to public health.
Señor Presidente, es evidente que algunas de las actividades humanas causan grandes daños al medio ambiente y a la salud pública.
EnglishBusinesses operating in the sector, as has been said, are mostly small and, indeed, in some cases, one-man businesses.
Las empresas que operan en este sector, como ya se ha dicho, son mayoritariamente pequeñas y, en algunos casos, están formadas por una sola persona.
Englisha man of some standing