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EnglishThe Presidency needs to show that, in the words of the Monty Python song, 'Finland has it all'!
La Presidencia debe demostrar que, en palabras de la canción de Monty Python, "Finlandia lo tiene todo".
Englishthe song has been digitally resmastered
la canción ha sido digitalmente remasterizada
Englishthis song has moved down five places
Englishthis song has moved up five places
Englishthe song has a political message
la canción tiene un mensaje político
Englisha song that has been played to death
EnglishMr President, Turkey has won the Eurovision Song Contest, but has not yet scored enough points for the integration festival.
Señor Presidente, Turquía ha ganado el Festival de Eurovisión, pero no ha obtenido suficientes puntos para el festival de la integración.

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