stink {noun}

1. general
stink (also: reek, stench)
what a stink there is in here, open the windows!
¡qué peste hay aquí, abran las ventanas!
¡qué peste echa esa fábrica!
stink (also: pong, reek, tufa)
¡qué tufo echan tus zapatos!
stink (also: pong, stench)
2. "bad smell"
stink (also: niff)
3. colloquial
stink (also: stench)
violín {m} [Ven.] [coll.] (mal olor)

Context sentences for "stink" in Spanish

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EnglishI believe we should emphasise with the utmost clarity that fish always start to stink from the head.
Creo que deberíamos destacar con la máxima claridad que el pez siempre empieza a pudrirse por la cabeza.
EnglishWhat is now on the table has the stink of over-regulation, and that is not something that we can approve of.
Lo que ahora tenemos sobre la mesa despide un tufillo a exceso de regulación, y eso es algo que no podemos aceptar.
Englishwhat a stink there is in here, open the windows!
Englishthese socks stink to high heaven
Englishthe acting and dialogue stink
Englishone of those cigarettes that stink
Englishwhat a stink that factory gives off!
Englishyour shoes really stink
Englishthe stink of corruption
Englishthey stink of money
Englishthey stink of money
Englishto stink to high heaven