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to straighten up {verb}

1. general
to straighten up
to straighten up (also: to pick up, to straighten, to tidy away, to tidy up)
alzar {v.t.} [Mex.] (poner en orden)
to straighten up (also: to straighten, to tidy up)
asear {v.t.} (arreglar)
to straighten up
adecentar {v.t.} (habitación)
2. "tidy up"
4. "make straight"
5. "stand up straight"
to straighten up (also: to sit up)
6. American English
to straighten up (also: to straighten, to tidy)
recoger {v.t.} (casa, habitación)
to straighten up

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Englishdon't be a slob, straighten up this room a bit
no seas abandonado y pon un poco de orden en esta habitación
Englishstraighten your room up a little
pon un poco de orden en la habitación
EnglishI'd better straighten myself up a bit
Englishstraighten up your shoulders!