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"sugary" in Spanish

EN sugary

1. general

azucarado {adj. m}

2. "syrup, drink, taste"

3. "tones, smile"

sugary (also: smooth, smoothy, honeyed, mellifluous)
meloso {adj.}
sugary (also: saccharine, sirupy, syrupy)

4. "romance, movie"

sugary (also: fulsome, icky, oily, oleaginous)

5. figurative

acaramelado {adj. m} [fig.] (empalagoso)

Context sentences for "sugary" in Spanish

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EnglishNor will the sugary lollypop by adding vitamin A.
Tampoco lo harán las piruletas, por mucha vitamina A que se les añada.
EnglishI also favour a ban on the sale of excessively fatty, salty and sugary products in schools, where they are available in particular in vending machines.
Asimismo soy partidario de prohibir la venta de productos con alto contenido en grasas, sal y azúcar dentro de las escuelas, donde están disponibles especialmente en máquinas expendedoras.