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suitcase (also: bag, case)
he took his eye off his suitcase for a moment and someone stole it
en un momento de despiste le robaron la maleta
in an unguarded moment he had his suitcase stolen
en un momento de despiste le robaron la maleta
I can get one more pair of shoes in this suitcase
puedo meter otro par de zapatos en esta maleta
suitcase (also: chest, trunk, car trunk)
suitcase (also: mailbag, pouch)
¿ya has hecho la valija?
suitcase (also: bag, case)
petaca {f} [Mex.]

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EnglishTo add insult to injury my suitcase was lost.
Para terminar de arreglar las cosas, extraviaron mi equipaje.
EnglishOne would not have known your suitcase had not arrived.
Nadie pensaría que no ha llegado su equipaje.
EnglishRecently, 2 000 monkey noses were found in a suitcase at Amsterdam airport, showing that the illegal trade is thriving.
   – Señor Presidente, apoyo las ideas que subyacen a las propuestas del excelente informe del Sr. De Rossa y le felicito por ello.
Englishhave you packed your suitcase yet?