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Englishdon't bother him with your problems
Englishit doesn't bother him
EnglishThe fact that he is allowing half of his 12 million compatriots to starve on account of this non-argument does not bother him in the least.
El hecho de que permita que la mitad de sus 12 millones de compatriotas mueran de hambre debido a este razonamiento ilógico no le preocupa lo más mínimo.
EnglishIn the words of Rathenov, did it bother him as a Christian Socialist negotiator, that, in the event of their becoming pregnant, these Vietnamese women were forced to have abortions?
¿Les incomodaba en tanto negociador democristiano, cito a Rathenov, que se obligara a esas mujeres vietnamitas a abortar en caso de embarazo?

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