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"tailpiece" in Spanish

EN tailpiece

1. general

2. "on violin, guitar"

tailpiece (also: boat deck, bridge, gantry, jumper)

3. "written"

tailpiece (also: comment, note, apostille)
tailpiece (also: note, tag, pet word, question tag)

4. "spoken"

tailpiece (also: note, tag, pet word, question tag)

Context sentences for "tailpiece" in Spanish

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EnglishThis is therefore very much a tailpiece that should have its place.
A este respecto, constituye con razón la pieza final que merece ser.
EnglishI am therefore of the opinion that this legal approach with regard to penalties etc. forms a kind of tailpiece and is not the most important component of our drugs policy as a whole.
Me parece que este enfoque jurídico en relación con el grado de las penas, etcétera, constituye la última parte y no la esencia de nuestra política en materia de drogas.