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EnglishHe was constantly followed and, in the end, he was given a prison sentence.
Le seguían constantemente y, finalmente, fue condenado a prisión.
EnglishWhen his mandate as provincial came to an end, he retired near Padua where he had already been other times.
Concluido el mandato de Provincial, se retiró cerca de Padua, donde ya había estado otras veces.
EnglishBy the end, he had delivered nothing on the agenda.
Al final, no había cumplido nada de lo previsto en el programa.
EnglishIn the end, he did not manage to do that.
Por eso estamos aquí incluso a estas horas.
Englishhe persisted and in the end he sorted it out
EnglishIn the end he shall be well fulfilled!
y ése, en verdad, quedará satisfecho.
Englishin the end he got me scared as well
EnglishAt the end he warned against right-wing radicalism, as though communism might have been a right-wing extremist system!
Al final ha advertido sobre el radicalismo de extrema derecha, ¡como si el comunismo hubiera sido un sistema extremista de extrema derecha!
Englishin the end he was brought to justice
Englishin the end he left me completely broke
EnglishIf, at the end, he is successful, he does not look very nice, nor does he smell very nice, but once he has washed, then it can be said: he is alive!
Si al final lo consigue, su aspecto no es muy agradable, su olor tampoco, pero una vez lavado, puede decirse: ¡vive!
EnglishTo this end he is even trying to bribe members of the Security Council, in particular to make possible an attack in the near future.
Para ello, está intentando incluso sobornar a los miembros del Consejo de Seguridad, en particular para poder atacar en un futuro próximo.
Englishin the end he broke the bank
EnglishAfter all, what good does it do the consumer to have an excessive level of protection, if in the end he probably has to pay for it himself through higher prices?
Dicho sea de paso que al consumidor no le conviene tampoco un exceso de protección por el que con toda probabilidad sea él quien pague a través de una subida de los precios.

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