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EnglishQuite a few journalists have disappeared or have been imprisoned, tortured and killed.
Unos pocos periodistas han desaparecido o han sido encarcelados, torturados y asesinados.
EnglishIt is unacceptable that people are being kidnapped, tortured and killed with impunity.
Es inaceptable que se secuestre, se torture y se mate con impunidad.
EnglishMembers of the opposition are systematically arrested, imprisoned, disappear, are tortured and killed.
Los miembros de la oposición sufren una persecución sistemática, son encarcelados, desaparen, son torturados, asesinados.
EnglishThe rights of Chilean citizens, including elected representatives, were not respected when they were confined in the sports stadium, tortured and killed.
Los derechos de los ciudadanos chilenos, incluidos sus representantes electos, no se respetaron cuando se les amontonó en el estadio deportivo para torturarles y matarles.

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