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to tot up

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tot noun
to be up to verb
up adverb
to up verb
up! interjection

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EnglishWe cannot accept that the Intergovernmental Conference should do no more than tot up the fors and againsts.
No podemos aceptar que la Conferencia Intergubernamental se limite a contar los votos a favor y en contra.
Englishlet's tot up everything we've spent
hagamos la suma de todo lo que hemos gastado
EnglishYou cannot tot up pain.
EnglishIn contemplating these events, it would not be proper to tot up all the instances of injustice, hatred, conflict and human suffering from the periods of the Civil War and the dictatorship.
Al pensar en estos hechos, conviene no hacer la cuenta de las injusticias, del odio, de los conflictos y de los sufrimientos humanos de los periodos de guerra civil y de dictadura.