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EN touch-me-not

touch-me-not (also: bitter melon, balsam)

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me noun
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EnglishSaid he, "Then get you gone; verily, it shall be yours in life to say, "Touch me not!
¡Vuestra única deidad es Dios –Aquel aparte del cual no existe deidad, [y que] abarca todo en Su conocimiento!
Englishyou dare touch me and I'll scream!
EnglishNoli me tangere - touch me not!
Englishdon't touch me!
EnglishHad I knowledge of the Unseen I should surely have multiplied all that is good, and no adversity would touch me; I am but a Warner and a herald of good tidings unto a people who have faith.
Y si conociera lo que está fuera del alcance de la percepción humana, ciertamente abundaría en bienes y el mal no me habría tocado.