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touch noun
touch adjective
to touch verb
with preposition
them adjective
them pronoun

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EnglishI will get in touch with them about this.
Voy a ponerme en contacto con ellos para tratar esta cuestión.
EnglishI lost touch with them when we graduated
cuando terminamos la carrera los perdí de vista
EnglishWe will keep in touch with them.
Nos mantendremos en contacto con ellos.
EnglishWe are in close touch with them.
Estamos en estrecho contacto con ellos.
EnglishI would like to touch on them.
EnglishTo do its job properly, the Court of Auditors must stay completely independent of the other institutions but remain in constant touch with them.
Para realizar eficazmente su trabajo, el Tribunal de Cuentas debe ser totalmente independiente de las demás instituciones, pero mantenerse en contacto permanente con ellas.

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