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EN touching up

1. photography

touching up (also: altering, tampering)

2. British English, colloquial

touching up (also: grope, feeling up)
tiento {m} [Spa.] [coll.] (toqueteo)

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touching noun
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touching preposition
to touch verb
touch noun
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to be up to verb
up adverb
to up verb
up! interjection

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EnglishI am extremely grateful to the rapporteur for touching on and bringing up this question in his explanatory statement.
Agradezco sinceramente al ponente que haya abordado este problema de forma decidida en la exposición de motivos.
EnglishThe most important thing, of course, is reform of the institutions, by which is meant not a merely small-scale touching-up job, but a fundamental reform.
Lo principal, por supuesto, es la reforma de las instituciones, con lo cual no me refiero a un retoque a pequeña escala, sino a una reforma fundamental.
EnglishDo we really want to risk making the system even more complex by refusing to make in-depth changes and confining ourselves to merely touching it up here and there?
¿Queremos realmente correr el riesgo de hacer el sistema aún más complejo al negarnos a realizar cambios profundos y limitarnos simplemente a ligeros retoques?