EN trying

1. law

trying (also: hearing)
instrucción {f} (de una causa)

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EnglishTrying to achieve both in equilibrium will be the content of those negotiations.
Lograr un equilibrio entre ambos aspectos será el objetivo de dichas negociaciones.
EnglishFor years, since the 1991 regulation, we have been trying to ban this monstrosity.
Hace años, desde el Reglamento de 1991, intentamos prohibir esta monstruosidad.
EnglishConsequently, we are trying to tackle this very serious problem on all fronts.
Es así como tratamos, en todos los frentes, de enfrentar este muy grave asunto.
EnglishWe are trying to step up our political dialogue with the government in Khartoum.
Estamos tratando de intensificar nuestro diálogo político con el Gobierno de Jartum.
EnglishThat is why we are trying to say certain things in the report in a different way.
Por eso intentamos que algunas de las cosas de este informe se digan de otra forma.
EnglishIn these circumstances, my group is obviously trying to define a few priorities.
En estas circunstancias, mi Grupo intenta evidentemente definir algunas prioridades.
EnglishWe as Europeans are always trying to outdo others with our social standards.
Esto quedará claro pronto, porque la competencia entre los puertos es despiadada.
EnglishNineteen soldiers who were trying to keep the peace were abducted and murdered.
Diecinueve soldados que intentaban mantener la paz fueron secuestrados y asesinados.
EnglishTechnical assistance is lacking for people trying to implement equality measures.
Falta asistencia técnica para quienes tratan de aplicar medidas de igualdad.
EnglishI consider that to be a disproportionate action for what we are trying to achieve.
Yo lo considero una medida desproporcionada para lo que intentamos conseguir.
EnglishLet us not start trying to salvage our mistakes by wasting taxpayers' money!
Empecemos a reparar nuestros errores derrochando el dinero de los contribuyentes.
EnglishI do not understand why we are trying to patch up the problem by means of quotas.
No comprendo los intentos de solucionar este problema por medio de distintas cuotas.
EnglishI'm not trying to tell you what to do, I'm just warning you of a possible danger
no te estoy tratando de imponer nada, solo te estoy advirtiendo de un posible peligro
EnglishWe are in favour of peace, and we are trying to do our level best to achieve it.
Estamos a favor de la paz e intentamos hacer todo lo posible por lograrla.
Englishdemographic growth by trying to reduce mass poverty than there is of combating
tratando de disminuir la pobreza masiva, que vencer la pobreza contentándose
EnglishLet us encourage that first try, that second try, the will to keep on trying.
Animemos a hacer un primer intento, un segundo, la voluntad de seguir intentándolo.
EnglishAnd the EU presidency is trying to impress that on the Albanian politicians.
La Presidencia de la UE intenta mostrar esto claramente a los políticos albaneses.
EnglishSimply, I was trying to honour Parliament by recognising the role of the President.
Simplemente quería honrar al Parlamento y reconocer la labor del Presidente.
EnglishFather Forde is staying where he is because he is trying to protect his community.
El padre Forde permanece donde está porque intenta proteger a su comunidad.
EnglishThe rapporteur is trying with his proposals to delay the repercussions somewhat.
Con sus propuestas, el ponente intenta demorar un poco las repercusiones.