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EnglishNow it is my colleague Mr Coelho’s turn to speak.
A continuación tomará la palabra mi colega, el Sr. Coelho.
EnglishMr President, I am pleased that my turn to speak has come before midnight this time - yesterday it was quarter past midnight.
Señor Presidente, me complace poder hablar antes de las doce, ayer fue a las doce y cuarto.
EnglishParliament has given its views on this issue on many occasions and it is now the Council's turn to speak.
El Parlamento Europeo se ha pronunciado sobre esta cuestión en numerosas ocasiones y ahora le toca el turno al Consejo.
EnglishMembers chosen to speak will be expected to be present in the Chamber at the time when it is their turn to speak.
Se espera que los diputados que hayan sido seleccionados para intervenir estén presentes en la Cámara cuando sea su turno de intervención.
EnglishThe Rules of Procedure are as follows: when Members request to speak as author, their turn to speak depends on the order in which they arrived at Parliament ’ s Sessional Services.
Millones todavía siguen sin hogar y se enfrentan a condiciones meteorológicas extremas y a todo tipo de enfermedades graves.

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