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EnglishThe reasoning is therefore turned on its head.
Por lo tanto, se utiliza el razonamiento de manera completamente equivocada.
EnglishBut that does not mean that the statement can be turned on its head and taken to mean that we should - or could - abandon intervention altogether.
Pero, a la inversa, esto no significa que debamos o podamos renunciar a la intervención.
EnglishThe directive cannot be turned on its head.
La directiva no puede ponerse patas arriba.
EnglishThe directive cannot be turned on its head.
No podemos poner de cabeza esta Directiva.
EnglishAs a result, not only will our commitment to fighting the extreme right become a mask of hypocrisy; it will be turned on its head.
Con ello, el compromiso contra el extremismo de derechas no es solamente una máscara aparente sino que se transforma en lo contrario.
EnglishFirstly, the fact that logic has been turned on its head by NATO propaganda cannot cover up the crimes against humanity that are being committed in the name of this war.
Primero, señor Presidente, la inversión de la lógica que intenta la propaganda de la OTAN no puede ocultar los crímenes contra la humanidad que se perpetran en esta guerra.
EnglishMoreover, the very short space of time proposed by the Commission for this substitution will mean a deadlock for producers, whereby any idea of planning will be turned on its head.
Además, el breve plazo que propone la Comisión para llevar a cabo dicha sustitución llevará a los productores a un callejón sin salida al cambiar todo el programa de cultivo.
EnglishIn Austria, everything is turned on its head, because the better qualified women are, the worse their advancement is compared to their male colleagues with the same qualifications.
En Austria, resulta escandaloso que cuanto más capacitadas están las mujeres, menores son sus progresos en comparación con sus colegas masculinos con las mismas calificaciones.

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