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"unfortunate event" in Spanish

unfortunate event {noun}

EN unfortunate event

unfortunate event (also: unfortunate incident)
insuceso {m} [Col.] [form.]

Context sentences for "unfortunate event" in Spanish

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EnglishWe must be absolutely clear and firm in our reaction to this unfortunate event.
Debemos ser totalmente claros y firmes en nuestra reacción a este desafortunado incidente.
EnglishIf by some unfortunate event the MAI were to be signed as it stands, we would no longer have any means to halt globalization in its most negative form, that is, the law of the most powerful.
Si por desgracia, el AMI fuese firmado tal como está, ya no tendríamos ningún medio para frenar una globalización en su dimensión más negativa, la de la ley del más fuerte.