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to be up to verb
up adverb
to up verb
up! interjection
in adjective
in adverb
in preposition
In noun
prison noun
prison adjective
to prison verb

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EnglishInstead of rewarding him and treating him with respect, China has locked him up in prison.
En vez de recompensarle y tratarle con respeto, China lo ha encarcelado.
EnglishVisitors from European countries who end up in prison because of a black list and who are kicked out of the country.
Hay visitantes de países europeos que acaban en la cárcel en virtud de una lista negra, y son expulsados del país.
Englishif he goes on like this he'll end up in prison
si sigue así irá a parar a la cárcel
EnglishThis may be laughable, but it stops being funny when human rights are violated and people are locked up in prison.
El Parlamento Europeo debe enviar una clara señal a este respecto.
Englishhe was destined to end up in prison
Englishyou'll fetch up in prison
EnglishIt is young, resourceful users in particular who are faced with ever more restrictions and run the risk of ending up in prison.
Son precisamente los usuarios jóvenes y hábiles los que se encuentran cada vez con más restricciones y corren el riesgo de acabar en la cárcel.
Englishyou'll fetch up in prison
EnglishBecause he told the truth and because he opposed people moving back into these areas, he has now ended up in prison serving an eight-year sentence.
Como siempre dijo la verdad y como siempre se opuso a la repoblación de los territorios afectados está ahora en la cárcel condenado a ocho años.
EnglishMr President, any objective observer of the situation in Yugoslavia is compelled to conclude that the criminals continue to move about scot-free while their victims are locked up in prison.
Señor Presidente, si consideramos con frialdad la situación de Yugoslavia debemos constatar que los criminales siguen estando sueltos mientras que sus víctimas siguen presas.

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