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"to wash out" in Spanish

EN to wash out

1. general

to wash out
juagar {vb} [coll.]

2. "clean"

to wash out (also: to hose down, to clean, to wash up, to hose)

3. "remove"

to wash out (also: to run, to bleach)

4. "fail course", American English, slang

to wash out
to wash out (also: to fail)
suspender {vb} [Spa.]

Context sentences for "to wash out" in Spanish

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Englishwash out the syringe before and after use
lave la jeringa antes y después de su uso
EnglishCulture, when used as a tool to impose values and to wash out diversity and freedom of expression, is like a weapon.
La cultura, cuando se utiliza como un instrumento para imponer valores y suprimir la diversidad y la libertad de expresión, se transforma en un arma.
Englishto wash the shampoo out of one's hair
Englishto wash the shampoo out of one's hair