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EN whisker

1. "single hair"

whisker (also: hair, bristle, nap, pile)

2. "narrow margin"

whisker (also: hair, bristle, nap, pile)

3. "of animal"


4. "mustache", old-fashioned

whisker (also: moustache, mustache)
whisker (also: mustache, moustache)

5. "sideburns", old-fashioned

whisker (also: sideburns)

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EnglishIt came within a whisker - and we know this for certain, ladies and gentlemen - of failing.
Faltó muy poco -y de esto estamos seguros, señorías- para que quebrase.
Englishhe won by a whisker
EnglishThe extent of our anger is a measure of the hope we felt last year when the Middle East was within a whisker of a peace agreement.
Si, furiosos, con una cólera equivalente a nuestras esperanzas del año pasado; Oriente Próximo estuvo a dos centímetros de un acuerdo de paz.