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with great efficiency

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Collection, kicking to touch and conversions have all been effected with the minimum of fuss, but with great efficiency.
Everything is done quickly and with great efficiency.
For instance, the car brakes with great efficiency, but with the slightest hint of dive.
In modern times, the science of preservation of heritage and creation of museums to house the rich fund of ancient and modern culture is developed with great efficiency.
It is 100 times stronger than steel and it conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency.
The current system is set up to deal with a system that moved stuff around the world in great quantities, with great efficiency.
They worked tirelessly and with great efficiency.
This enables it to process incoming orders and pick products for outbound deliveries with great efficiency.
This is indisputably a well-made film -- it's expertly controlled, and the twist is sprung with great efficiency.

Context sentences for "with great efficiency" in Spanish

EnglishAnd because the joystick is touch-sensitive, you gain great efficiency benefits whenever you’re writing surround automation.
Y dado que el joystick es sensible al tacto, ganas mayor eficiencia en la automatización del sonido surround.
EnglishFrom consoles that give you familiar functionality, to software that’s simple to use, you gain great efficiency so you can spend more time exploring your creativity.
Las consolas con funciones familiares, combinadas con el sencillo software, aumentan tu eficacia para que puedas pasar más tiempo explorando tu creatividad.
EnglishGreat efficiency is demanded, and women are supposed to work as if they were not pregnant, even if they are.
El ritmo del mercado laboral es más acelerado que nunca, se exige una alta eficacia, las mujeres deben trabajar como si no estuvieran embarazadas aunque estén embarazadas.
EnglishCompared to the great efficiency that it demonstrates with regard to appropriations managed directly by the Commission, its weakness with regard to decentralised operational costs is notable.
Frente a la gran eficacia que éste demuestra en los créditos gestionados directamente por la Comisión, no pasa desapercibida su debilidad en los gastos operacionales descentralizados.

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