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1. general

witticism (also: caprice, joke, whim)
I also want to respond to that other witticism, that a dyed-in-the-wool liberal has at last adopted a doctrine that forms part of socialist thinking, that is, Keynesianism.
También quiero responder a esa otra agudeza de que un recalcitrante liberal haya adoptado finalmente una doctrina que forma parte del pensamiento socialista, es decir, el keynesianismo.
witticism (also: quip)
puntada {f} [Mex.] [coll.] (comentario ingenioso)

2. "in conversation"

witticism (also: departure, egress, exit, outing)
witticism (also: quip, sally, zinger)
It is a witticism which, like all witticisms, contains a grain of truth.
Es una ocurrencia y como todas las ocurrencias contiene un fondo de verdad.

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