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approx. {adv.} [abbreviation]

approx. {adverb} [abbreviation]

1. "approximately"
Moreover, the annual export of medical devices amounts to approx EUR 6.2 billion, which is 10% of Ireland's total exports.
Dessutom uppgår den årliga exporten av medicinsk utrustning till omkring 6,2 miljarder euro, vilket är 10 procent av Irlands sammanlagda export.
approx. (also: approximately, ca.)

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EnglishThe Life Science area at Linköping university (including HU and LiTH) has approx. 800 researchers, among them 140 professors and around 6 000 students.
Livsvetenskapsområdet vid Linköpings universitet innefattar ca. 800 forskare (bland dessa 140 professorer) samt ca. 6 000 studenter.