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beneficial to the community {adjective}

beneficial to the community (also: non-profit, non-profit making)

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EnglishThey could also be beneficial to the Community.
EnglishThis was not dealt with in a way which was beneficial to the Community, and it was left to Mr Trittin to play the role of the fanatic, a role which obviously comes very naturally to him.
I det fallet handlade man inte utifrån gemenskapens intressen, och det var Trittin som fick ta på sig rollen som bärsärk, en roll som han utan tvivel behärskade väl.
EnglishThis Council Presidency's track record is problematic due, in particular, to the fact that like few before it, it failed to act in a way which was beneficial to the Community.
Resultatet av det här rådsordförandeskapet är desto mer komplicerat, för att man till skillnad från de flesta tidigare ordförandeskap inte har handlat utifrån gemenskapens intressen.