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better gauge
  • bättre mätare

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Guinigundo said the index would become a better gauge of risk as policymakers collect more information, allowing them to create a longer series of data.
He said subscriber numbers and network traffic were a better gauge of how the firm was performing.
Indeed, investors may be willing to hold on for data from the first three months of 2017 to get a better gauge of underlying demand.
It kind of seemed to me like it might be a better gauge of what good music is out there.
It would at least provide a better gauge of whether monetary policy changes are making a difference to borrowing and lending rates on the ground.
So how do we then have a better gauge of output at the office?
The growth in gross value added -- a better gauge of private sector activity -- is more or less stable.
This measure strips out volatile price movements in energy and food, and is considered to be a better gauge of domestic price pressures.
We'll keep him for as long as we can in camp to give us a better gauge of where he is in his development.

Context sentences for "better gauge" in Swedish

English(FR) Mr President, I am one of those who was present at the start of the Galileo project, and so I am perhaps rather better placed to gauge the extent of the delay.
(FR) Herr talman! Jag hör till dem som var med redan från Galileoprojektets start och har kanske därför bättre möjlighet att bedöma omfattningen av förseningen.

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