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better grip
  • bättre grepp

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Apple and pear growers are getting a better grip on the cultivation.
But one of the advantages of losing your sense of moral superiority is gaining a better grip on reality.
Getting a better grip on both of these populations won't be easy, given we're still not even sure about the source of many cosmic rays.
He encouraged the team to engage intellectually so as to get a better grip on the issues.
Hyderabad are slowly getting a better grip on this game.
The outsole is reconfigured with smaller conical studs that give the player a better grip on the ground and enhances manoeuvrability on the pitch.
The right insists that local school boards and community religious leaders have a better grip on morality than outside "elitists" representing secular institutions.
It would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile's legs to hold it tight.
Some dancers use castor oil -- not for the good of their health, but to coat the soles of their shoes for a better grip.

Context sentences for "better grip" in Swedish

EnglishA tool to get a grip on an outturn is so much better than just a grip on promises.
Det handlar inte bara om att avge löften utan om att faktiskt göra någonting.
EnglishMr President, the Commission's proposal is a creditable attempt as a Union, to get a better grip on smuggling of human beings and trafficking in human beings.
Herr talman! Kommissionens förslag är ett förtjänstfullt försök att som union få ett bättre grepp om människosmugglingen och människohandeln.
EnglishFinally, a third avenue of reflection has to do with the fact that a reduction in greenhouse gases will come about partly through getting a better grip upon road transport.
Slutligen har vi en tredje tanke som handlar om att minskningen av växthusgaser också delvis kommer att uppnås via en bättre kontroll av vägtransporterna.

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