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EN billy

1. general

batong {comm. gen.}

2. zoology

billy (also: goat, caprine animal)
get {comm. gen.}
bock {comm. gen.}
getabock {comm. gen.}

3. Australian English

billy (also: caldron, cauldron)
kittel {comm. gen.}

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Context sentences for "billy" in Swedish

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Englishlf there were something we could do for Billy...,,, only it was highly illegal,,,... would you consider it?
Om vi kunde hjälpa Billy...... skulle ni då överväga det även om det var olagligt?
EnglishHe hasn't been able to shave -- a sort of Billy Connolly figure.
Han har inte kunnat raka sig -- en figur lite lik Billy Connolly.
EnglishThis is part of a $50 bill like Billy's with the hidden barcode.
Det här är hörnet på en 50- dollarssedel med dold streckkod.
EnglishYeah, Billy, you want me to give away the shop, man?
Ja, Billym, vill du att jag ska ge bort din affär?
EnglishBilly wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Då skulle Billy inte behöva oroa sig.
EnglishBilly, I want out, I want a new life.
EnglishI walked him right through that door, Billy.
EnglishSanta got to Billy's house already.
EnglishYour kid was a tough rundown, Billy.
EnglishBilly will make sure I behave.
EnglishI was 0 when Billy was born.
EnglishBilly, what the hell is going on?
EnglishBilly's doing something dumb again.
EnglishBilly, you sit here and observe.
EnglishDevil didn't want me, Billy.
EnglishBilly, you know I've got plans!
EnglishBilly's a Beverly Hills cop.
EnglishBilly Chambers is on the move.
EnglishBut you know what, Billy Ray?
EnglishBilly, you saved my life.