EN bob

bob (also: strain, weight, heft, substance)
tyngd {comm. gen.}
bob (also: bobble, bout, flash, flounce)
bob (also: float, bobber)
shilling {comm. gen.}
bob (also: pageboy)
pagefrisyr {comm. gen.}

Context sentences for "bob" in Swedish

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EnglishWhy don't we just give Bob a chance to write the script?.
Hon tror att vi hellre skrotar serien än anlitar honom.
EnglishBut I'm sure for a bob I could get you there.
Men för en slant så kan jag nog ta er dit.
EnglishBob, I never asked you for a fucking thing.
EnglishWell, as you know, Bob Zoellick has sent a letter to all WTO members in which he specifically addresses the issue of cotton.
Låt mig kommentera det som Maria del Pilar Ayuso González sade om bomullsodling och bomullsimportens betydelse för Europa.
EnglishHey, Bob, get the lead out of your ass.
EnglishThat's a good plan but, who's Bob?
EnglishYou're pussy-whipped, Bob.
EnglishBob your head a little bit.
EnglishBob, I got Elias's R and R.
EnglishBob, for the love of God...
EnglishBob's your uncle.