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EN cougar

1. "attractive older woman", slang

puma {comm. gen.} [slg.] (attraktiv äldre kvinna)

2. zoology

cougar (also: mountain cat, panther)
puma {comm. gen.}
cougar (also: mountain lion)

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Context sentences for "cougar" in Swedish

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EnglishWho was covering Cougar while you were showboating with this MiG?
Vem täckte Cougar när du stajlade med hans Mig?
EnglishI mean, first the MiG and then you slide into Cougar's spot...
Först Migen och sen snor ni Cougars plats.
EnglishGoose, Cougar's in trouble.
EnglishCougar was doing just fine.
EnglishCougar, you've got MiG one.
EnglishWe're on vapour, Cougar.
EnglishCougar, come on, Cougar!
EnglishYou're okay, Cougar.
EnglishCougar, you hear that?
EnglishCougar was number one.