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equable (also: at peace, calm, composed, cool)
lugn {adj.}
equable (also: clean, consistent, even, flat)
jämn {adj.}
equable (also: consonant, harmonious)
This accession has not always been entirely equable: Polish farmers are still competing on unequal terms with farmers in the old Union.
Anslutningen har inte alltid varit helt harmonisk: polska jordbrukare konkurrerar fortfarande på ojämlika villkor med jordbrukare i den gamla unionen.
equable (also: undiversified, unvaried)

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EnglishIssues of the protection of privacy and consumer protection issues connected with electronic communications were also solved in an equable manner.
Frågor om integritetsskydd och konsumentskydd i samband med elektronisk kommunikation löstes också på ett enhetligt sätt.